Kart Racing Pro release13e - 2023/12/22
Kart Racing Pro release13e available.

fix: missing skids and water wakes
fix: rendering errors

Kart Racing Pro release13d - 2023/10/24
Kart Racing Pro release13d available.

fix: dedicated server crash

Kart Racing Pro release13c - 2023/10/19
Kart Racing Pro release13c available.

fix: restored the bestline
fix: replay classification
fix: restored the fixed setup feature

Kart Racing Pro release13b - 2023/5/10
Kart Racing Pro release13b available.

fix: connection crash
fix: incorrect data mismatch
fix: reconnection after being kicked from a server
fix: tracks categories in the admin page
fix: dedicated server tracks list shuffle
fix: terrain deformation

Kart Racing Pro release13 - 2023/4/16
Kart Racing Pro release13 available.

fix: track bridges
fix: track layout custom objects collisions
fix: terrain layers and deformation
fix: support for more than two controllers with the same name
fix: dedicated server replays
fix: track paint in dedicated servers
fix: user interface lists sorting
fix: replay mouse-look with hidden mouse pointer
fix: 3D names and bestline in the track screens
fix: transparent surfaces rendering error
new: contacts list in replays
new: servers list filters
new: brakes and aero volume setting
new: option to enable the environment sounds in the pit
new: additional info in the replay interface
new: user interface pull-downs search box
new: option to remap the user interface keys
new: more realistic lighting

Kart Racing Pro release12b - 2021/6/6
Kart Racing Pro release12b available.

fix: practice / testing sessions classification
fix: support for multiple controllers with the same name
fix: alpha textures mipmaps generation
fix: sound sources muted at distance
new: repetitions when keeping a user interface button pressed

Kart Racing Pro release12 - 2021/1/10
Kart Racing Pro release12 available.

fix: crash at startup
fix: tyre simulation on wet asphalt
fix: multiplayer tyres collisions
fix: limited tyres sets
fix: garage tyre pressure range when changing compound
fix: dynamic track surface groove and marbles saved and restored in track layouts, too
fix: wet track surface rendering error
fix: rendering performance improvements
fix: UI lists sort slowdown
new: support for soft collisions
new: option to limit a server to specific karts, in addition to categories
new: replay interface redesign
new: instant replay
new: track paints support

Kart Racing Pro release11f - 2020/8/17
Kart Racing Pro release11f available.

fix: stats recording
fix: live screens in replays
fix: movable wing support
new: dedicated server admin commands
new: option to show 3D names in replays

Kart Racing Pro release11e - 2020/7/9
Kart Racing Pro release11e available.

fix: live timing UDP output
new: IPv6 support
new: remote server admin

Kart Racing Pro release11d - 2020/6/18
Kart Racing Pro release11d available.

fix: dynamic track surface corruption
fix: paints filename limit increased from 27 to 31 characters

Kart Racing Pro release11c - 2020/5/29
Kart Racing Pro release11c available.

fix: race start sound
new: testing day results export

Kart Racing Pro release11b - 2020/5/14
Kart Racing Pro release11b available.

fix: S FS250 and V KF1 engines crash
fix: head animations in the external view
fix: live screens emission

Kart Racing Pro release11 - 2020/5/4
Kart Racing Pro release11 available.

fix: chassis flex simulation
fix: default tyres pressure
fix: smoothing of replays of multiplayer events
fix: crash when leaving a server during a restart
fix: multiplayer bandwidth optimization
fix: lookback in multiplayer
fix: engine sound over 18000 rpm in replays and multiplayer
fix: driver rendering optimization
fix: live screens
fix: track image over 128 tracks
fix: transition to settings from the replay VR mode
new: option to export results after each session
new: option to add a prefix to exported results
new: server name in the dedicated server window title and System Tray icon tooltip
new: option to set the fixed setup
new: the kart selection page remembers the latest kart for each category
new: head tracking linked to rider animation
new: MyChron5 splits

Kart Racing Pro release10b - 2019/12/30
Kart Racing Pro release10b available.

fix: force feedback

Kart Racing Pro release10 - 2019/12/28
Kart Racing Pro release10 available.

fix: multiplayer crash
fix: spectator join
fix: connection freeze on the server
fix: live timing support
fix: track layouts loading
fix: track layout objects crash
fix: Wackersdorf track holes
new: possibility to reset the dynamic track surface online, too
new: possibility to vote to reset the dynamic track surface
new: dedicated server option to disable polls during a race
new: possibility to set the nickname in the Steam version, too
new: live timing output to file
new: widescreen user interface

Kart Racing Pro release9b - 2019/8/24
Kart Racing Pro release9b available.

fix: dedicated server mods folder
fix: controls corrupted at load time
fix: wing slider control
fix: quick race mode

Kart Racing Pro release9 - 2019/8/13
Kart Racing Pro release9 available.

fix: karts in the wrong pit during connection
fix: pit position when joining as a spectator
fix: karts pit state
fix: multiple race info chat messages
fix: server restart
fix: challenge mode
fix: connection bandwidth usage optimization
fix: mods folder
fix: crash when an Arduino Micro is connected as joystick
fix: B karts clutch paddle animation
fix: trees, wire fences and 3D grass rendering
new: detailed data mismatch information
new: VR in replay

Kart Racing Pro release8 - 2019/4/9
Kart Racing Pro release8 available.

fix: background rendering in high resolution screenshots
fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors
fix: Evo sidepods in cockpit view
fix: seat model in cockpit view
fix: M6 nassau number plate position
new: number plate background setting
new: electric engine support
new: spectator support
new: option to force no tucking
new: option to disable the dynamic track surface
new: free roam camera tracking mode
new: trackside objects animation support
new: live screens support
new: Stilo sidepods
new: electric kart

Kart Racing Pro release7c - 2018/9/23
Kart Racing Pro release7c available.

fix: shaders errors

Kart Racing Pro release7b - 2018/9/22
Kart Racing Pro release7b available.

fix: rendering errors

Kart Racing Pro release7 - 2018/9/15
Kart Racing Pro release7 available.

fix: tuck aerodynamic effect
fix: Oculus support
fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors
fix: trainer add crash
fix: M6 sidepods
new: Nuerburgring Kartbahn

Kart Racing Pro release6 - 2018/6/24
Kart Racing Pro release6 available.

fix: HUD in VR
fix: TrackIR support
fix: animated flags
new: trainer transparency
new: notifications when the window is minimized
new: M6 bodywork

Kart Racing Pro release5 - 2018/3/18
Kart Racing Pro release5 available.

fix: borderless window mode
fix: dash update on Intel graphics
fix: HUD in VR
fix: 3D grass in VR
fix: TrackIR support
fix: UI pull-downs
fix: Track Day results export
fix: Wackersdorf
new: option to link head tracking to driver tuck
new: cockpit view tilt setting
new: cockpit view lean option
new: trainer lead setting

Kart Racing Pro release4 - 2017/12/27
Kart Racing Pro release4 available.

new: borderless window mode
new: track day mode
new: Wackersdorf track

Kart Racing Pro release3 - 2017/10/2
Kart Racing Pro release3 available.

fix: jump start detection
fix: add trainer
fix: kart stand in loaded replays
fix: Genk corridors
fix: Genk Small pit area
fix: Zuera Short
new: save and restore of the dynamic track surface between testing sessions
new: track category support
new: added the automatically saved trainers to the "Add Trainer" dialog
new: animated flags

Kart Racing Pro release2 - 2017/7/19
Kart Racing Pro release2 available.

fix: connection crash
fix: failed connection crash
fix: whitelist and blacklist
fix: bandwidth setting in the Server Setup page
fix: VR tracking reset
fix: Vive ( SteamVR ) default tracking position when going to track
new: VR reset control setting
new: the VR reset control affects the UI virtual screen position, too

Kart Racing Pro release1 - 2017/7/13
Kart Racing Pro release1 available.

fix: memory optimizations
fix: controllers calibration bug
fix: challenge
fix: radiator cover in replays
fix: helmet acceleration
fix: plugins acceleration
new: support for an external mod folder
new: engine limiter sound support
new: "very high" network connection setting
new: Launcher
new: MS Kart
new: Karting Genk

Kart Racing Pro beta16 - 2017/3/11
Kart Racing Pro beta16 available.

fix: tyre simulation bugs
fix: improved steer simulation
fix: multiplayer improvements
fix: server restart
fix: web servers browser clients list
fix: dedicated server replay save split by session
fix: track cutting penalty
fix: white and chequered flags
fix: race manager bug
fix: replay bugs
fix: replay rotation
fix: replay gear
fix: remote karts gear
fix: reflections bug
fix: reflections and shadows optimization
fix: specular + shadow rendering path
fix: blending + bump rendering path
fix: memory usage optimization
fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
fix: plugins rendering bug
fix: garage compare setup
fix: setup change bug
fix: testing mode crash with missing testing.ini
fix: trackside cameras bug
fix: number of centerline segments
fix: removed limits on the number of tracks, karts, helmets, intakes, dashes, paints
fix: bodywork selection saved for each kart
fix: helmet selection saved for each driver
fix: paint selection saved for each kart, intake, helmet and dash
fix: improved controller profiles support
fix: visor wipe delay
fix: VR user interface list boxes
new: remote karts visible in pits, too
new: remote karts visible in the pits when not on track
new: LAN direct connect
new: controls linearity over 100%
new: controls state
new: misc controllers profiles
new: IK links debug
new: TrackIR support
new: HTC Vive support

Kart Racing Pro beta15 - 2016/8/12
Kart Racing Pro beta15 available.

fix: chassis simulation
fix: aerodynamic simulation
fix: tyres' physics data
fix: race gap calculation
fix: track animations timer
fix: kart selection page optimization
fix: allow for a separate track layout image
fix: screen resolution setting
fix: plugins sprites color
fix: plugins calls when loading a replay
fix: input plugins POV support
fix: updated to Oculus SDK 1.3.x
fix: user interface background
new: karts default setups support
new: garage wheels load and ride height readouts
new: compare setups option
new: fixed setup option
new: default controller profiles support
new: intake paint support
new: dash paint support
new: option to force the rolling start
new: wing support
new: moving wing support
new: shared skies support
new: random skies support
new: support for dash flashing led
new: driver and camera set selection from plugin
new: vsync setting
new: MyChron5 dash
new: Lonato 2016

Kart Racing Pro beta14 - 2015/7/23
Kart Racing Pro beta14 available.

fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
fix: steering geometry
fix: ballast inertia
fix: camber and toe setup
fix: reconnection during a race
fix: dedicated server pause / resume
fix: exhaust smoke multiple pipes support
fix: improved alpha mipmapping
fix: improved 3D grass rendering
fix: Unipro shift lights
new: axle damage
new: physics driver lean
new: laps race length option
new: event name
new: dedicated server save option
new: output plugins race data
new: EdTracker support
new: possibility to disable a joystick input
new: steer speed sensitivity option
new: replay orbit camera speed
new: engine and intake paint support
new: HUD lights
new: terrain deformation

Kart Racing Pro beta13 - 2015/3/26
Kart Racing Pro beta13 available.

fix: plugins wheel material
fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
fix: data mismatch info
fix: trainer suit
new: automatic ballast adjustment
new: replay laps list
new: helmet cameras
new: exhaust smoke
new: Lotus Racing Karts

Kart Racing Pro beta12 - 2015/1/1
Kart Racing Pro beta12 available.

fix: autoshift
fix: setup share
fix: default paint
fix: trackside cameras surface
fix: free-roam camera start position
fix: "open" category crash
fix: direct connection
fix: lighting
fix: track animations
fix: improved chassis flex simulation
fix: url spaces
fix: classification
fix: heading speed
new: server info in browser
new: ideal lap time
new: server location
new: password page
new: "photo" page
new: possibility to change the suit paint
new: driver name on suit
new: live timing track length
new: look to apex slider
new: steer heading
new: race start horn
new: updated steering wheels and shaders
new: fl 2015 bodywork
new: oculus rift dk2 support

Kart Racing Pro beta11 - 2014/4/6
Kart Racing Pro beta11 available.

fix: manual front brakes
fix: settings from replay crash
fix: challenge export
fix: plugins engine cooling
new: gearbox preload
new: brakes control gain
new: multiple categories
new: challenge server max time
new: kart info
new: plugins racedata
new: heightmap support
new: track sounds
new: reflection add shader

Kart Racing Pro beta10 - 2013/11/11
Kart Racing Pro beta10 available.

fix: force feedback
fix: clutch simulation
fix: brakes simulation
fix: slipstream
fix: faster tyres cleaning with wet
fix: engine temperatures
fix: crash when going to track for a race
fix: send setup changed to shared setup
fix: rolling start distance helper
fix: rolling start with bridges
fix: rolling start regulations
fix: corridors in turns
fix: flagman
fix: admin page
fix: xml export
fix: penalties export
fix: marbles and wet resume
fix: free camera speed controls
fix: alpha sort
new: FF linearity
new: FF deadzone
new: radiator arm cover
new: radiator cover direct control
new: brake bias direct control
new: Unipro temperature warning
new: setup export
new: standing start option
new: corridors length setup
new: replay camera controls setting
new: dedicated server chat
new: framerate cap
new: autobrake disable option
new: challenge mode

Kart Racing Pro beta9 - 2013/6/8
Kart Racing Pro beta9 available.

fix: max ping warning
fix: Zuera yellow line
new: blacklist
new: Mini 60 kart
new: additional layout objects
new: output plugins track centerline

Kart Racing Pro beta8 - 2013/3/21
Kart Racing Pro beta8 available.

fix: tyres deformation
fix: dynamic track surface corruption
fix: steer ratio setup
fix: steer geometry simulation
fix: possibility to choose texture quality and new texture compression
fix: performance optimizations
fix: master server disconnection
fix: extended track checksum
fix: sounds during replay "live"
fix: skid and water wakes not generated on some materials
fix: possibility to set client port
fix: LAN search on 4 ports
fix: possibility to disable polls
fix: tyre wear restored after a reconnection
fix: on track results gap
fix: pit status
fix: live timing "event" message
fix: chat color
fix: G27 leds
new: automatic clutch
new: rain drops
new: rain occluders
new: output plugins draw
new: pause / resume dedicated server event
new: Zuera track

Kart Racing Pro beta7 - 2012/10/5
Kart Racing Pro beta7 available.

fix: default groove
fix: temperatures in host exports
fix: host exports saved after last session
fix: lost calibration if controller is disconnected
fix: "sticky" buttons support
fix: changed "tearoff" control to "visor wipe"
fix: tire effects of remote karts
fix: race number up to 999 and centered
fix: PKZ loading
fix: driver animations
fix: air choking simulation
fix: karts track width
fix: race classification
fix: rolling start regulations
new: multiple MOTD lines
new: direct testing
new: direct connection
new: slider to select track conditions
new: UK units
new: dedicated server whitelist
new: multiple helmets support
new: multiple bodyworks support
new: multiple intakes support
new: live timing
new: XML export
new: trainer
new: Kinect Face Tracking
new: support for input plugins
new: carburetor simulation and setup
new: F100 category
new: new kart chassis

Kart Racing Pro beta6 - 2012/3/28
Kart Racing Pro beta6 available.

fix: dedicated server replay
fix: dedicated server dynamic track surface reset
fix: rolling start corridors crossing penalty
fix: gap in race classification
fix: poll across a server restart
fix: setup page on track bug
fix: remote karts sunk into the ground
fix: possibility to reconnect to a server with a different kart
fix: cleanup of disconnected drivers with no laps
fix: disconnected drivers greyed out in classification
fix: improved mouselook
fix: look left/right/back
fix: faster cleanup of dirt tires
new: free-roam replay camera
new: wizard to setup steering wheel rotation
new: display of position and gap and the end of a race
new: Rye House track

Kart Racing Pro beta5 - 2012/1/5
Kart Racing Pro beta5 available.

fix: dynamic track surface corruption
fix: dynamic track surface stuttering
fix: dynamic track surface shaders
fix: normal map shader
fix: max ping
fix: chat crash
fix: improved Unipro 6003 simulation
fix: warmup lap with quick race
fix: "push" control disables auto-brake
fix: animated brake discs and rear sprocket
fix: multiplayer collisions
new: FS250 category
new: chat history on track
new: inline help for replay key controls
new: driver tuck
new: "stop engine" control
new: "thumbs up" gesture
new: mouselook deadzone
new: G27 leds support
new: on track adjustable radiator cover
new: rubber marbles

Kart Racing Pro beta4 - 2011/10/30
Kart Racing Pro beta4 available.

fix: neutral between first and second gear
fix: tuned dirt on visor
fix: shift help forced off when a server is set to "No Helpers"
fix: setup copy bug
fix: mandatory warmup lap for standing starts
fix: tire pressure simulation
fix: track width setup
fix: common paints folder
fix: jump-start detect
fix: tires vibration at near-zero speed
new: dynamic track surface
new: limited tyre sets option
new: possibility to re-fit a used tyre set
new: splits in dash
new: multiple dashes support
new: limited number of tearoffs
new: idle throttle setup
new: radiator cover setup
new: support for multiple track layouts
new: track list for dedicated server

Kart Racing Pro beta3 - 2011/5/21
Kart Racing Pro beta3 available.

fix: dedicated server crash
fix: race restart crash
fix: dedicated server rolling start
fix: wind speed setup
new: voting
new: "max ping" option
new: option to hide names
new: more online stats
new: option to show HUD in cockpit view
new: FreeTrack roll support
new: multi-monitor support
new: new Free replay camera
new: replay shortcuts
new: Essay track
new: new kart chassis

Kart Racing Pro beta2 - 2011/3/5
Kart Racing Pro beta2 available.

fix: online crash
fix: overtake penalty in standing start
fix: race standings on clients
fix: flying karts
fix: correct driver visor and tires sounds for rain in replays
fix: controls dead-zone
fix: calibration issues
fix: increased fov range
fix: engine sound volume distance falloff
fix: connection bug
fix: smooth and force feedback settings not saved
fix: revised low speed control
fix: engines temperature
fix: engines curve
fix: grip levels
fix: KC3 exhaust
new: adjustable dedicated server restart delay
new: Windows compatibility mode
new: secondary monitor support
new: "push" control
new: starter
new: option to disable shift help
new: option to disable automatic idle
new: water wakes
new: disconnected drivers greyed out in entries
new: "driver in pits" flag in practice and qualify classification
new: dedicated server: close button now minimizes to notification bar

Kart Racing Pro beta1 - 2010/12/5
Kart Racing Pro beta1 available.