Q: Is it possible to purchase a license without a PayPal account?
A: Yes, it should be possible, using a credit card

Q: Are there discounts for multiple purchases?
A: At the moment they are not supported. Please send an email to support@kartracing-pro.com to ask about it

Q: Is LAN racing possible?
A: Yes, but a license for each PC is needed

Q: Is it possible to race offline against an AI?
A: No, and there are no plans to add it

Q: Is my steering wheel supported?
A: All DirectInput-compatible controllers are supported, but there are no pre-defined profiles

Q: Are triple-monitor setups supported?
A: Yes

Q: Is there a Mac version?
A: No. It may be created if there are enough requests

Q: Can you model my local track?
A: No. The best place for questions about addon tracks is the official forum